Now that my wife and I have reached our golden years we thought that it would be easy for us to get financing for virtually anything, but we were wrong. Banks and dealerships just saw more risk in us because we’re retired and we weren’t bringing in the same income we used to make. didn’t do that to us. They helped us and didn’t see us a liability, but as reliable customers trying to live out the American Dream. They gave us the service and loan we deserved. Now we can enjoy our retirement in style! Thank God for

Mark, and Janice Novak — FL.

18 year old college student

Being a college student, its tough working and juggling schoolwork. It’s even tougher trying to get financing for a car. I went to every dealership that my family referenced me to but I just couldn’t seem to get a loan, until one of my friends told me I should check out She said the service was great, it’s fast, and easy but most importantly they don’t judge me because I’m a student with no credit history. I was a little skeptic at first, but I thought what can I lose? And you know what? She was right! was fast and easy! It was great service that you can’t beat! Now whenever I hear a fellow classmate say that they need to get around, I tell them to go to!

Derek Johnson — N.Y.C.


"We filed for bankruptcy only a year ago, we would never have thought it would have been

The Cavanaughs — CA


I recently went through a rough divorce. My husband was nice enough to leave me and our two boys nothing but overdue bills, bad credit, and his broken down car. I was convinced that I would have to settle, when my co-worker mentioned that she went to and they were able to place her in the car of her dreams with her bad credit. I went online and filled out the application. Within minutes I was approved! I picked out the car of my dreams and now my ex-husband wants to know how I got my brand new car! Thanks!

Rita Myer — N.C.