Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process for

A. process is simple and easy. First, just simply fill out the on-line application form and you will receive your response in minutes.

Q. What’s the wait time before I know I’ve been approved?

A. The wait time is only a few minutes and will automatically tell you when you’ve been approved.

Q. How will I know when my application has been approved?

A. Once you have been approved one of our friendly credit specialists will give you a call and talk to you about the requirements needed from you to go further into the process.

Q. Should I go to the dealership first?

A. No. Here at, we work for you, not the dealership. Once everything has been settled, the specialist will then set up an appointment with you about your vehicle.

Q. What happens when I get to the dealership?

A. A specialist will review his checklist with you and make sure that everything is in order.

Q. Can I pick my own car?

A. Yes. A specialist will work with you in helping you find the vehicle of your dreams. Once all paperwork has gone through, you will be presented with your choice of vehicles. Then you will choose what vehicle you want and take it for a test drive.

Q. Is this process hassle free?

A. Yes. At you will not have to worry about purchasing something that you do not want to buy. We will never hassle you into a deal that is not favorable to you. There is no negotiation to go through, so you can be at ease with and drive away in your brand new vehicle.